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Rosarito Beach Hotel On-site Amenities

 Rosarito Beach Hotel


Swimming Pools
You don't have to take to the beach to enjoy a swim. The Rosarito Beach Hotel has two swimming pools on the premises. One, a huge Olympic sized pool sandwiched between the Aztec Restaurant and the Beach Comber Bar. The other pool is situated in front of the new towers addition to the hotel. It is a delightful free form design with an bridge over the middle. Kind of romantic under a starry Baja night. There is even a tube water slide. You can sail into the water in great gusto! Youngsters will delight in their own special pool with its adjoining playground. Swim, relax pool side or in the Jacuzzi (there are three of them at the Rosarito Beach Hotel). Order your favorite drink and just do nothing. It's a great life!


Children's Playground
During the summer, the hotel offers supervised activities for the children, providing them with plenty of opportunities to express their creativity. Children also will enjoy their own swimming pool and adjacent playground. This is located in the garden area of the hotel. Mechanical rides including a merry-go-round and a four car Ferris Wheel. There's a trampoline, sliding board, swings, several push and ride merry-go-rounds, spring loaded "horses" and other attractions for the youngsters. There is even a bandstand just in case a group of youngsters decide to perform.


Racquet Ball
Baja has always been a natural playground for the adventurous type but today's health conscious and exercise thirsty generation are looking for more. Keeping fit and enjoying oneself has created the desire for gymnasiums, spas, and courts for tennis and racquetball. The Rosarito Beach Hotel, in becoming the complete family resort, offers all of these amenities on the premises.
Racquetball is a relatively newcomer to the sports field. Developed in the 1950s from a combination of squash and handball, the game has become quite popular in North America and has certainly made its mark in Rosarito. This is a fast game played on an enclosed court, with a racquet and ball. The racquet is a shorter, lighter version of a tennis racquet. The lively, hollow ball is about the same size s a tennis ball. The rules are basically the same as for handball, except the ball may be played off the ceiling. The first-of-its-kind racquetball facility for Rosarito was opened several years ago on the grounds of the Rosarito Beach Hotel. A specifically designed building was constructed to house the racquetball courts, a fully equipped gymnasium, sauna, pro shop and snack bar. Modern in every way the facility has attracted racquetball enthusiasts from the international community. Local, National and International tournaments have been organized in the facility. The facility has served as a home court for several internationally acclaimed racquetball champions, in fact Mexican National Champion trains here frequently (Photo).
Handball is one of the most popular sports in North America. It is a highly competitive game in which the ball is hit with the hand against a wall alternately by opposing players. Enthusiasts are welcome to try their "hand" at the Rosarito Beach Hotel Racquetball complex.


Much has been said and written about the abundance of bargains that prevail in Baja California. Rosarito is no exception. A major shopping center complex is located directly in front of the main entrance to the Rosarito Beach Hotel.
You'll find everything from personal necessities to extravagant gift items.

The largest and finest store in the complex Casa Torres offers imported French perfumes at Baja prices (which means definitely cheaper than U.S. prices), a striking variety of gift items, curios, Mexican hand-crafted furniture, large sculpted animal figures and more. And they gift wrap!
A complete pharmacy will fill your prescription at a fraction of U.S. prices. Candies, gift items, magazines, newspapers, over the counter drugs, personal products, hair care and dental hygiene items, film, sun tan oil, baby diapers, just about everything is here.


A well stocked liquor store will fill your "spiritual" needs; Take care of your nicotine habit (if you have one); and assuage your momentary hunger pangs with an assortment of savory snacks (sweet and salty).
Several well stocked boutiques offer stylish fashions as well as Mexican traditional dress and accessories to match.
There is a gold and silver shop offering an enchanting variety of specialty items. An insurance agency is located here -- covers all of your basic insurance needs including Mexican automobile insurance and home insurance. Several doors away is a real estate office. Time to buy that Baja vacation home? There is also a beauty salon to keep you beautiful, a dentist to make sure your teeth stay where they are supposed to be (or help you obtain new ones, if necessary), and the Wa-Kuatay Rosarito Beach Historical Museum.
Speaking of curios, those seemingly endless array of Mexican souvenirs, there are several curio stores in the shopping center and many of the boutiques also have a selection of souvenir items. Leather items (hand bags, jackets, etc.) can be found here.
Art lovers would do well to check out the two art galleries in the shopping mall. One of the most interesting stores is a rather small location at the hotel's main entrance selling coffee table art books, T-shirts, snack items (including ice cream) and a selection of freshly prepared delicatessen sandwiches. The books are pricey, but the sandwiches are good and inexpensive.


Game Arcade
You can kill hours in this place. A room dedicated to video machines, Ping-Pong and billiards. Its noisy in this room, what with all the bells, whistles, roaring vehicles and the whack of ball hitting ball! But this is a fun place. There are very few among us who can resist the temptation to plunk a coin in these demanding machines and try our luck at Street Fighter II (Champion edition, no less). There's more: "Pac Man" awaits. So does "X Men," "Neo-Geo," "Calaga," "Frogger," "NBA Jam," among several dozen others.
Billiards, the overall name for a family of games played on rectangular tables twice as long as they are wide with balls propelled by tapered, leather tipped rods called "cues." Billiards, as an outdoor game played on the ground with balls and sticks, can be traced back to the 14th century. The game was eventually brought inside. The first reference to a billiard table appears in 1470, when one was purchased by Louis XI of France. We have four of them in our game room, waiting for you to show us your style.
Table Tennis, according to some authorities, was originated by some British army officers in India, sometime around 1890. Soon thereafter it enjoyed varying degrees of popularity throughout the world. At the turn of the century, the game was called Whiff Whaff, Gossimar, or, more commonly Ping-Pong, the latter being a patented trade name. By whatever name, we have the table, the net, the paddles, and the celluloid balls. Now we are waiting for you exhibit your skill.





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