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The "TITANIC" Exhibit at Foxporation


In response to their request we decided to open the Titanic exhibit where you can see some of the props and sets that were originally built and used for Titanic. The first thing you will see is a replica of the White Star Southampton Pier; inside you can enjoy a behind the scenes video-documentary about Titanic's construction and shooting. A representation of the sets and props used in the film are now on exhibit, for example:

  • First Class Smoking Room: after dinner, this was a very common place to have a cigar and brandy.

  • Palm Court Cafe: The cafe was also used as a play room by the first class children.

  • The Candelabrum: a magnificent 21 light candelabrum originally situated in the newel post at the base of the Grand Staircase.

  • First Class Dinning Salon: here you can see a table set up for dinner.

  • Boiler Room: this set was built and filmed on this stage.

  • First Class Corridor : this hallway was used for the scenes that show the corridor. A perspective extends the length of the hallway depth into distance.

  • Cal & Rose's rooms.

  • The wireless room

  • Thomas Andrew's room

  • The back deck

There are also replicas of the furniture, suitcases, teacups, mailbags, signs, posters, toys, the handcuffs that Jack (Leo) had while he was prisoner, the ax that Rose used to cut them and help Jack escape, the whistle that she used when officer Lowe returned in a lifeboat after the sinking, to search for survivors. Lifeboats, life savers and lifejacket, oars and some parts of the ship including the bell that the sailors used to let the passengers know about the iceberg are elements that contribute to create the perfect environment of this place .

ABOUT THE SHIP... The 95% scale of the original Titanic was disassembled and converted into scrap (metal and wood). At the museum you can see some of the parts of the ship, such as the bow (where the sailors were standing when they saw the iceberg), the poop deck or stern, the capstan winch and some of the access bridges. You can also see the unopened safe were Rose's drawing was found.




            Monday, Thursday and Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

            Saturday and Sunday, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.


Ticket Prices:

Adults $12.00 Dlls.
Seniors $ 9.00 Dlls.
Children 3 to 11 $9.00 Dlls.
Children under 3 FREE


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Due to the initial success of production at Fox Studios Baja, Twentieth Century Fox has expanded the studio to include a public component. Foxploration offers the public the opportunity to go behind the scenes at a working studio, and to learn about production processes in an entertaining and interactive manner. The focus of the attraction exhibits is on films from Twentieth Century Fox while incorporating, wherever possible, references to the Mexican film industry. The aim is to provide a wide range of guest experiences from classic behind-the-scenes tours to fully interactive movie-magic attractions






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