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Introduction to La Paz: The History

La Paz Baja MexicoLa Paz, capital,of the state of Southern Baja California, is located on the great Bay of La Paz. There, semi-hidden by that small peninsula of capricious shape called El Mogote, La Paz reflects its image on a silken ocean which seems to be on fire every late afternoon due to its incomparable sunsets.


La Paz (the Peace) received its name in the 16th century for its peaceful La Paz Baja Mexicoinhabitants. It was the town which most resisted the conquerors. It is said it was established at least five times. The first expedition for such purpose was headed by Hernan Cortes. On May La Paz Baja Mexico3, 1535, he arrived at a bay he named Santa Cruz (Holy Cross). The Spanish conqueror intended to establish a colony, but had to withdraw after a year of failures and misfortune.

The expedition of the famous navigator Sebastian Vizcaino, who abandoned his endeavors after two months because of a tremendous scarcity of food, arrived in 1596. He supposedly called the settlement La Paz.

La Paz Baja MexicoIn April, 1683, Admiral Isidro de Antondo y Antillon made a new attempt at colonizing it. This was one of the most serious attempts of the Spanish crown at conquering California. With a well equipped expedition and with the help of Jesuits Eusebio Francisco Kino, a royal cosmographer, and Matias Goñi, they attempted to establish themselves in La Paz. Drought, the hostility and vengeance of the natives that had been massacred by the Admiral, turned this expedition into a total failure. Six months thereafter, the Spaniards had to leave in search of a more appropriate place in which to establish a colony. They settled San Bruno, where they La Paz Baja Mexicostayed until May 1685.

On November 4, 1720, Jesuits Juan de Ugarte and Jaime Bravo arrived on their way from Loreto which had been established in 1697. These two priests established the Nuestra Señora del Pilar de la Paz Mission. This mission was not definitive and in 1749 they had to close it because of its lack of inhabitants.

La Paz Baja MexicoIn 1811, soldier Jose Espinoza who had come from the San Antonio mine came to establish himself inLa Paz Baja Mexico La Paz, since thanks to his services, he had been granted the land where the city is located. Finally, a permanent settlement had been established. Until a hurricane devastated Loreto in 1829, it had been the capital of Baja California. The capital was moved to San Antonio, and finally, in 1830, to La Paz.

The protection of its bay allowed La Paz to achieve a rapid development for cargo and supplies, especially during the second half of the 19th century, at the beginning of the exploitation of the Triunfo and San Antonio mines.

La Paz Baja MexicoLa Paz Today

Presently, La Paz is one of the most beautiful cities of Mexico's northwestern region. The city has traditionally been acknowledged as a favorite for tourist beach destinations, for its excellent possibilities for sports fishing, for its magnificent natural beauty, and for its geographic location. La Paz is a privileged place for all La Paz Baja Mexicothose who love nature. Many call it the "world's capital of ecotourism." La Paz is the center of ecotourism, since its location insures rapid and easy access to any other part of the state. Besides, La Paz has highly specialized eco-tourist guides, there being tours to the Laguna and San Francisco mountain ranges, to sites of rupestrian paintings, missions, the whale sanctuary at Magdalena Bay, to desert areas, places where wild animals and plants can be studied, etc..., all along the State of Southern Baja California.

Nevertheless, La Paz is much more than just a natural beauty. It is also a modern city and as such, it has all the necessary services. It has a variety of first class tourist services as well as excellent hotels, restaurants, bars, night clubs, R.V. parks, marinas, travel agencies, car rental offices, scuba diving and sports fishing, an international airport, a wharf for ocean liners, a ferry terminal, passenger bus terminals, La Paz Baja Mexicomovie theaters, to name just a few. Many stores, boutiques, and bazaars where all types of national and imported goods can be acquired are located in the "golden zone." A busy day, full of fun in La Paz may include: Ocean and sun in the morning, a walk down the malecon (boardwalk) and shopping in the afternoon, and La Paz Baja Mexicoa sunset dinner in one of the fine restaurants in La Paz. You can end the day relaxing in some of its romantic bars with live music or perhaps in a disco.

La Paz is a city which traditionally has distinguished itself for its cultural vocation. This is attested by the existence of sound higher education institutions such as the Autonomous University of Southern Baja California, the Regional Technological Institute, the Pedagogic University, the State School of Music, and several high level scientific research institutions. Therefore, frequently, conventions and congresses are held in La Paz. The city's best hotels have modern facilities to serve such purpose.




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