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Cozumel Mexico Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

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Cozumel Mexico Scuba Diving & Snorkeling
Cozumel has long been renowned for its amazing diving. Its underwater wonders include the world's second-largest reef network featuring limestone caves, tunnels and rare black coral. Dive enthusiasts can enjoy diving year around as water temperatures range from 77į-82įF (25į-28įC) throughout the year.

Cozumel is ideal for dive enthusiasts. Most resorts are only a short boat ride from the renowned Palancar Reef, one of the most beautiful dive attractions in the world. Cozumel's dive shops accommodate any diverís needs.


Balones of Chankanaab
Depth: 60-70 feet
Here you will find a series of balloon shaped coral heads. There is abundant colorful marine life, including lobsters and crabs.

Chankanaab Caves
Depth: 35 feet
Located about 350 yards offshore just south of Chankanaab Park. Dive through limestone caves called cenotes to see abundant coral formations and marine life.

Paradise Reef
Depth: 45 feet
This is a series of three separate reefs, which run parallel to shore making it a popular spot for snorkeling, night dives and second tank shallow dives. Many varieties of marine animals can be seen here including crab, lobster, and sponges. You might even get a peek at the Cozumelís own Splendid Toadfish.

Paso El Cedral (Oak Pass)
Depth: 60 feet
A series of various reefs characterized by widespread low caverns at its beginning. There is a huge variety of large fish here.

Cozumel Mexico Scuba Diving & Snorkeling San Francisco Reef
Depth: 35-50 feet
This is one of the shallowest wall dives in Cozumel at the southern point of San Francisco Beach. It is brimming with marine life with tons of color.

Santa Maria Reef

Depth: 40-60 feet
This reef is located at the end of San Francisco Reef. There is little coral but many large schools of angelfish.

Shallow Columbia
Depth: 15-35 feet
This is a great shallow dive with many coral heads and a great variety of marine life and color.

Shallow Palancar
Depth: 20-40 feet
This reef is especially good for beginner divers. It has long, narrow tunnels and various caves.

Tormentos Reef
Depth: 40-70 feet
Tormentos Reef is a sequence of colorful coral pinnacles, and whip corals. The current is swift but youíll see eels, angelfish, grunts, groupers, and plenty of snappers.

Yucab Reef
Depth: 60 feet
This reef provides a dense low profile with a fast current. Youíll be able to see a plenitude of life including many barracuda.


Barracuda and San Juan Reefs
Depth: 70-110 feet
Barracuda Reef is seldom visited due to rough conditions and currents of 3-10 knots even in good weather. Both of these reefs are younger and more virgin reefs. It takes an expert diver to explore these.

Broken Reef or The Little Horseshoe
Depth: 60-80 feet
Located south of The Big Horseshoe, are these grand coral ridges which ascend high from the slope - Many windows, canyons and caverns. Best at 60-80 ft. Seldom dived and pristine.

Cedral Wall
Depth: 50-90 feet
Cedral is very interesting with lots of colorful canyons and abundant marine life.

Cozumel Mexico Scuba Diving & SnorkelingChun Chakab
Depth: 90-120 feet
Said to be the most difficult reefs to find in Cozumel and is only recommend for experience divers. It is a rewarding challenge which leads you to a truly a virgin submarine utopia where large marine life is often seen.

Columbia Reef
Depth: 60-90 feet
Youíll find a poignant drop-off at 60-80 feet. This is said to be one of Cozumelís best dives, especially because it is not too busy. There are huge coral pinnacles (most over 90 ft. tall), caves, caverns and tunnels. There is an abundance of large marine life such as rays, turtles and large barracuda.

Deep Palancar
Depths: 100-120 feet
This site is rarely dived and untarnished. It provides excellent visibility and beautiful sites. It is not recommend amateur divers.

La Francesa Reef
An excellent deep site for first time ocean divers Not located on our famous drop-off, this reef is surrounded by sand bottom at 7~15 feet: Expect mild currents and a wide spectrum of colorful marine life.

Maracaibo Reef
Depth: 140-160 feet
One of the most challenging dive spots in Cozumel. It is not recommended for amateur divers. There is a multitude of caves to explore large orange elephant ear sponges, black coral, rays, sharks, and loggerhead turtles.

Palancar Caves
Depths: 60-90 feet
Excellent deep buttresses, tunnels, and caves to swim through. This is a very popular deep dive.

Palancar Gardens
Depth: 40-70 feet
Palancar Gardens is filled with coral heads and various large caverns with a multitude of marine life. It is located at the north end of Palancar and somewhat shallow, nevertheless there is plenty to see.

Palancar Reef
Depth: 60-90 feet
Cozumelís most renowned reef stretches over 3 1/2 miles and is made up of various coral formations. This huge reef tops a sloping wall, which plunges to a maximum depth of over 3000 feet. Its vastness takes various dives to explore.

Punta Sur
Depth: 90-130 feet
There are huge caverns to swim into. Eagle rays and sharks are occasionally seen here.

Cozumel Mexico Scuba Diving & SnorkelingPunta Sur II
Depth: 90-130 feet
The Home of "The Devil's Throat", which starts at the opening of a dark narrow tunnel at 90 feet and leaves you in a sunlit opening at 130 feet on the wall, this dive site is best for experienced divers. There is much to see and explore.

Santa Rosa Reef or "The Wall"
Depth: 40-130 feet
Undoubtedly Cozumel's second most popular dive site. A wall drop-off starts at 50 feet and declines into the deep. Drift dive over immense ascending coral heads. Youíll be able to see great beds of tunicates, huge sponges, and you may find eagle rays and turtles.

The Big Horseshoe
This is Palancarís most popular and busiest deep dive. It is a series of tightly packed giant coral heads from a natural horseshoe rising from 100 feet to within 20 feet of the surface.

The Little Caves
Depth: 50-70 feet
The little caves are perfectly described by its name. It consists of numerous winding canyons, deep ravines narrow crevices, passageways, tunnels and caves to delve into.

Villablanca Wall
Depth: 50-100 feet
Unlike most of Cozumelís reefs this wall is filled with immense sponges, gorgonians, and large schools of angelfish.

Virgin Wall
Depth: 40-130 feet
This site remains untarnished and beautiful because the heavy currents hinder divers from exploring it. This site is recommended for experienced divers.




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