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  Embassies / Consulates

They provide valuable lists of doctors and lawyers, as well as regulations concerning marriages in Mexico. Contrary to popular belief, your embassy cannot get you out of a Mexican jail, provide postal or banking services, or fly you home when you run out of money. Consular officers can provide you with advice on most matters and problems, however. Most countries have a representative embassy in Mexico City and many have consular offices or representatives in the provinces.  

The Embassy of the United States in Mexico City is next to the Hotel María Isabel Sheraton at Paseo de la Reforma 306, at the corner of Río Danubio tel. (5) 209-91-00
There are U.S. Consulates General in:
Ciudad Juárez, López Mateos 924-N tel. (16) 13-40-48  
Guadalajara, Progreso 175 tel. (3) 825-2998
Monterrey, Av. Constitución 411 Poniente tel. (83) 45-21-20 and 
Tijuana, Tapachula 96 tel. (66) 81-74-00). 

In addition, there are consular agencies in:
Acapulco tel. (74) 84-06-00 or (74) 69-06-56
Cabo San Lucas tel. (114) 3-35-66
Cancun tel. (98) 83-02-72  
Hermosillo tel. (621) 7-23-75  
Matamoros tel. (88) 12-44-02  
Mazatlan tel. (69) 16-58-89
Mérida tel. (99) 25-50-11  
Nuevo Laredo tel. (871) 4-06-12  
Oaxaca tel. (951) 4-30-54  
Puerto Vallarta tel. (322) 2-00-69  
San Luis Potosí tel. (481) 2-15-28 and 
San Miguel de Allende tel. (415) 2-23-57 or (415) 2-00-68).

The Embassy of Australia in Mexico City is at Ruben Darío 55 Col. Polanco tel. (5) 531-5225 fax (5) 31-95-52 it's open Monday through Friday from 9am to 1pm.

The Embassy of Canada in Mexico City is at Schiller 529, in Polanco tel. (5) 724-7900 it's open Monday through Friday from 9am to 1pm and 2 to 5pm (at other times the name of a duty officer is posted on the embassy door). In Acapulco, the Canadian consulate is located in the Centro Comercial Marbella, Local 23, Prolongacíon Farallon S/N, at the corner of Costera Miguel Aleman tel. (74) 84-13-06 it's open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.

The Embassy of New Zealand in Mexico City is at José Luis Lagrange 106, 10th floor, Col. Los Morales Polanco tel. (5) 281-5306 or (5) 281-5486 it's open Monday through Thursday from 9am to 2pm and 3 to 5pm and Friday from 9am to 2pm.

The Embassy of the United Kingdom in Mexico City is in Río Lerma 71, Col. Cuahutemoc tel.  (5) 207-2089 or (5) 207-2189 it's open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 3:30pm.

Irish and South African citizens should go to the British Consulate.



The 24-hour Tourist Help Line in Mexico City is tel. (800) 906-9200 (5) 250-0151. 
A tourist legal assistance office (Procuraduria del Turista) is located in Mexico City tel. (5) 625-8153, and (5) 625-8154.  
They offer 24-hour service, and there is always an English-speaking person available.


Legal Aid

International Legal Defense Counsel, 111 S. 15th St., 24th Floor, Packard Building, Philadelphia, PA 19102 tel. (215) 977-9982 is a law firm specializing in legal difficulties of Americans abroad.

The Mexico Hotline tel. (800) 44-MEXICO) is an excellent source for general information; you can request brochures on the country and get answers to the most commonly asked questions. If you have a fax, Mexico's Ministry of Tourism also offers Fax-Me-Mexico tel. (541) 385-9282. Call, key in your fax number, and select from a variety of topics from general destination information to accommodations (the service lists 400 hotels), shopping, dining, sports, sightseeing, festivals, and nightlife. They'll then fax you the materials you're interested in.

More information (15,000 pages worth, they say) about Mexico is available on the Mexico Ministry of Tourism's Web site: mexico-travel.com.

The U.S. State Department tel. (202) 647-5225 for travel information and Overseas Citizens Services) offers a Consular Information Sheet on Mexico, with a compilation of safety, medical, driving, and general travel information gleaned from reports by official U.S. State Department offices in Mexico. You can also request the Consular Information Sheet by fax tel. (202) 647-3000. The State Department is also on the Internet; check out travel.state.gov/mexico.html for the Consular Information Sheet on Mexico; travel.state.gov/ travel_warnings.html for other Consular Information sheets and travel warnings; and travel.state.gov/tips_mexico. html for the State Department's Tips for Travelers to Mexico.

The Center for Disease Control Hotline tel. (406) 332-4559 is another source for medical information affecting travelers to Mexico and elsewhere. The center's Web site, www.cdc.gov/, provides lengthy information on health issues for specific countries.

Mexican Government Tourist Offices-Mexico's foreign tourist offices (MGTO) throughout the world--with the exception of the United States and Canada--were closed effective January 1997 and consolidated with their embassies as a cost-saving measure. Those operating in North America include the following:

United States: Chicago, IL tel. (312) 606-9252 Houston, TX. tel. (713) 780-3740 Los Angeles, CA tel. (213) 351-2069 fax 213/351-2074 Miami, FL tel. (306) 443-9160 New York, NY tel. (800) 446-3942 and the Mexican Embassy Tourism Delegate, 1911 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC 20006 tel. (202) 728-1750. The MGTO offices have been combined with Mexican Consulate offices in the same cities, providing one central source for official information on Mexico.

Canada: 1 Place Ville-Marie, Suite 1931, Montréal, QUEB, H3B 2C3 tel. (514) 871-1062. 2 Bloor St. W., Suite 1502, Toronto, ON, M4W 3E2 tel. (416) 925-2753. 999 W. Hastings, Suite 1110, Vancouver, BC, V6C 2W2 tel. (606) 669-2845.

State Tourism Development Offices-Two Mexican states Oaxaca and Tabasco have a tourism and trade development offices in the United States - Oaxaca and Tabasco States Convention and Visitors Bureau, 7880 St. Felipe, Suite 130, Houston, TX 77063 tel. (713) 339-1880 fax (713) 339-1615.





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